Current teaching series

Below is St Paul’s latest sermon series. Inside each series you can listen to the all the related sermons, access the Family Devotions, and some studies also include the related Bible Studies and Leaders Notes.

Listen to a sermon

Click below to listen to St Paul’s sermons from the last 10 years. This resource covers all the books of the bible, over 50 preachers, on many relevant topics.



REAP is St Paul’s Daily Devotionals. The REAP method of journaling outlines the essentials of reading and exploring what God is teaching you. There is no ‘right or wrong’ way to study the bible but writing down what you have learnt helps you remember it for longer and you can look back at what you learnt weeks, months or years later and reflect on how you’ve grown over that time. For you have never sat down and read the bible or prayed to God. If so, don’t panic! We have a guide that will help you do it by yourself.

Each letter stands for a different aspect of journaling.

R is for Read

Read today’s REAP passages. The easiest way to access the REAP daily reading is through our St Paul’s APP. The APP allows read the passages each day, journal and track your progress.

Alternatively you can purchase a REAP Jounral at the Kiosk after church, online, or download the PDF below which gives you your daily readings for the year.

E is for Explore

Write down the main points surrounding the verse you are reflecting on. What is the big idea?

A is for Apply

Write down how your life will be changed by what you have read today. What is one thing you will intentionally do to take steps of growth?

P is for Pray

Write out a prayer around what you have learnt today. Thank God for what he is doing in your life and ask Him to help you put into practice what you have been learning.

REAP – daily readings

St Paul's mobile app

The St Paul’s app includes REAP. This allows you do your Daily Devotions where ever you are. REAP tools include journaling (type your notes), track your daily REAP progress, and choose your bible version.

The St Paul’s app also allows you to send your prayer request, give to St Paul’s, and see upcoming events.