Marriage Enrichment Course

  • Marriage Enrichment Course
    April 6, 2019
    8:50 am - 5:00 pm

We would like to invite you to take an opportunity to work on your marriage. This course is available to all married couples and will help you grow in your relationship. No matter what stage you are in your marriage, whether things are going well or you are experiencing challenges at the moment this day will be of great encouragement to you.

Marriages don’t grow simply because both spouses age. Growth is intentional and demanding. It will not happen without tending, learning, nurturing, watering and weeding. We will cover a multitude of topics that are essential to building and maintaining a fulfilling marriage;

    -Effective communication
    -Conflict…… opportunity for growth
    -Celebrating our differences and cherishing our uniqueness
    -Being intentional about growing our relationship.
    -Family of origin
    -Unlocking intimacy and exploring sexuality as God intended it.
The program should be useful for newcomers and for people who attended workshops last year. There is always something new to learn.
Come and join us on 6th of April as you commit the day as a gift to  your spouse.
Call Sanaa Labib on 0416 124 313 or email for more info or to register

Sam and Sanaa Labib have been married for 35 years. They have three beautiful (most of the time) adult children. They work together as General Practitioners. For 35 years they have studied together, worked together, travelled together and played together (and haven’t killed each other yet!).

In the past few years they have become passionate about enriching the marriages of others. Trained through Better Marriages Australia and now serving as committee members, they would love to share their journey with you.

Rob and Anne Willis have been married for over 40 years and they have been particularly blessed through a number of recent marriage enrichment experiences. Rob has worked in school leadership for many years and Anne is a part-time Teacher Librarian, medical receptionist and grandmother!

Rob and Anne will focus on some key skills in their marriage; which always involve ‘give and take’. They know communication must be intentional. They will show how a capacity to forgive and move on has helped their marriage to thrive.


“It’s a rare opportunity to sit in a room with other couples from a range of different generations all speaking very candidly about their personal experiences in marriage, and to also walk away with different tools to enrich our marriage. Very worthwhile” -Matthew and Hayley Oxley, 10am service

“The marriage course provides a safe, caring, honest and non-judgemental environment to talk about marriage” -Tom and Tanya Brodie, 10am service

“We went to the Marriage Enrichment Course while we were engaged – we loved meeting other couples and learning about their marriages – what worked and what could improve. Sam and Sanaa are so lovely and hospitable. They are generous with their stories. They share a lot of themselves and give us an insight on what marriage looks like, when it works well and when it doesn’t. I loved that it allowed us a chance to reflect on our relationship in a safe space and it gave us the tools to continue the discussions in the days and weeks afterwards. Don’t think about the course as a last resort fix. It’s a tune up. Invest a day and Sam and Sanaa will encourage you to get towards a thoughtful, real and authentic marriage.” -Matt Bond and Kat Cooke, 7pm service

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