Toys and Tucker

  • Toys and Tucker Collection
    December 16, 2018
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Toys and Tucker provides a way for us all to come together to share the joy of Christmas with people in need!

On Sunday 16th December we will be collecting and donating non-perishable foods and new toys to help make Christmas a happier time for those who would otherwise go without. Bring your gifts to any service throughout the day and everything will be picked up by the Anglicare team on Monday 17th December.

Shopping list


Here are the things we include in a food hamper. Standard sizes (as indicated) are preferred to help fit everything in neatly.

  • Christmas cake
  • Christmas pudding
  • Tinned ham (450g)
  • Tinned salmon (415g)
  • Tea (50pk) or Coffee (100g)
  • Milo (small tin)
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Dried pasta (500g)
  • Pasta sauce
  • Long-life milk, custard or cream
  • Tinned fruit and vegetables (425g)
  • Jam (500g)

Gift ideas

  • Pre-school
    • Age-appropriate games
    • Educational toys
    • Picture books
  • Children
    • Good-quality toys
    • Outdoor games
    • Sporting equipment
  • Teenagers
    • Gift cards/vouchers
    • Sporting equipment
    • Toiletry packs

Sadly we can’t include chocolate as it’s likely to melt.

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