Our team

A photo of Keith Baker

Keith Baker

Acting Senior Minister

A photo of Pat Jones

Pat Jones

Generations Minister

A photo of Ben Razey

Ben Razey

Youth Minister

A photo of Holly Turner

Holly Turner

Assistant Youth Minister

A photo of Linda Stephens

Linda Stephens

Children's Minister

A photo of Naomi Pigot

Naomi Pigot

Assistant Children's Minister

A photo of Scott Lavender

Scott Lavender

Music Director

A photo of Wayne Tildsley

Wayne Tildsley

Seniors Minister

A photo of Mark Pozorski

Mark Pozorski

Business Manager

A photo of Annette Duncan

Annette Duncan

PA to the Senior Minister

A photo of Rachael Nicholson

Rachael Nicholson

Ministry Administrator

A photo of Summer Willmot

Summer Willmot

Assistant Administrator

A photo of Katie Care-Wickham

Katie Care-Wickham

Business Administrator

A photo of Allison Pollard

Allison Pollard

Finance Administrator

A photo of Ron Brammer

Ron Brammer

General Maintenance

A photo of Jess Forrester

Jess Forrester

Creative Director

A photo of Joel Hingston

Joel Hingston

Production Manager

A photo of Rich Vassallo

Rich Vassallo

CityAlight Chief Operating Officer

A photo of Geoff Deutscher

Geoff Deutscher

Senior Minister – ARV

A photo of Robert Conway

Robert Conway

Associate Minister – ARV

A photo of Peter Elliott

Peter Elliott

A photo of Bob Webster

Bob Webster

A photo of David Cox

David Cox

A photo of Greg Boyce

Greg Boyce

A photo of Ruth McCrindle

Ruth McCrindle

A photo of Leighton MacKenzie

Leighton MacKenzie

A photo of Heidi Muras

Heidi Muras

A photo of Brian Pollard

Brian Pollard

A photo of Craig Turner

Craig Turner